Returns powered by trees

Forest as an asset class has, over the centuries and through market collapses, delivered solid above-stockmarket returns. J&O Forest Fund now has over seven years of track record with solid performance. The Fund is closed and currently intends to harvest and sell all of its forest assets in the ordinary course of its operations and anticipates that it will, subject to all necessary regulatory approvals (including the prior approval of the Fund’s principal regulator in Bermuda), conduct an orderly wind-up of the Fund and its affairs.




Here is a brief status report as of April 23, 2021. To speed up the work of finalizing the annual report, in these challenging pandemic conditions, the Fund has changed auditor from KPMG Cyprus to BDO Brazil as the vast majority of assets are held in Brazil. BDO is...


Här följer en kort uppdatering per den 23 april, 2021. För att påskynda slutförandet av årsredovisningarna, i dessa utmanande coronatider, har fonden beslutat att byta revisor från KPMG Cypern till BDO Brasilien, eftersom huvuddelen av tillgångarna är i Brasilien. BDO...