There has been two Notice to investors that have been sent to all of the Fund´s investors listed in the share ledger. The first one, sent on Sep 27 related to the suspension of redemptions. The second one, sent on Nov 11 related to the complete re-structuring and winding up of the fund and the suspension of subscriptions and NAV. If you have not received these there are four possible explanations: 1) You hold your investment in J&O Forest Fund via an insurance, like Quantum, Danica or others. 2) You hold your investment via a nominee account or bank. 3) The email address provided once you invested is old or malfunctioning. 4) You own an SDB, a Swedish depositary receipt with a Swedish ISIN number. In this case you should contact Mangold Fondkommission who is holding the investment on your behalf. If you find yourself in a situation described under point 1) or 2) then you will need to reach out to the ones holding your investment on your behalf.