In order to ascertain that the conversion can be made in all its following steps, a very thorough survey, a so called due diligence, of the Fund´s assets with a focus on the plantations in Brazil, is being carried out. This is done by one of the most prestigious law firms in Brazil instructed by, and in co-operation with the Swedish law firm Delphi Law in Stockholm. In parallell the new company, “Newco”, will be set up. In February the Fund´s last NAV will be produced. This will be the NAV – or price – at which the conversion will be made. A Prospectus will be filed with the Swedish Financial Authority for approval. After approval the Offer will immediately be sent out to the shareholders of the Fund. The current view of when the distribution of the Offer will be made is in the month of March. A subscription time/answering time of approx. two weeks will follow.